Wednesday, July 24, 2013

We are in shock!

After getting things all arranged and the lease signed to stay here in Tompkinsville! We hadn't really stopped our happy dance! The new Mission President who I haven't met yet called and asked to speak with us!  We called back on the speaker phone and he asked us to transfer to Nashville! I wanted to say wow....wait a minute we just got things settled here so we could get back to work!   We had so many things on our list to do still. The live nativity scene and old time Carolers working with the other churches to make it a community success! Also wanted to get Carols house repaired. We were making progress with the Lafayette FHE group. We have new families that have moved into our ward. We wanted to welcome them and help them get settled. We had the Watermelon Festival in a month and the questionnaire. We hoped to start a FHE group in Burkesville by Christmas. So many other communities projects to help spruce up the town! 
We are unsure of our new assignment only that we will be in Nashville. We will find out more on Monday. 
We are very sad to leave! We have made some great friends in our short time! Tompkinsville will always have a special place in our hearts! 
I will miss my Lois and so many others! 

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Planting,Painting and Moving Day. June 1st through July 15th

Most of you probably thought we fell off the grid! Actually we have been so busy with searching for a new home and literally painting the town that if we had down time writing wasn't on the list! 
Many things have happened since the month of April!  I helped Lois Scott plant 150 Strawberry plants!
We lost Elder Burgan and got Elder Law during an emergency transfer somewhere in the mission. The middle of May we lost Elder Huffacker....he had been our traveling Elder when we arrived in T- ville. He and his greenie Elder Burgon are the two that lived with us for two weeks! Great Elders. 
In June we had " trunkie Elder Law and Elder Harris.
During this time we literally had a service project to paint the town! It was a great success due to " the Mormons" we had on average 10 missionaries plus us and a few members! Only 4 community member besides those that were involved with the project helped!  Larry Craig said,"I am truly humbled at the work that Ye all did and not even a part of this community."
It was a good thing!
Oh we found out the end of May that. We had to find another place to live! There is no place in town!
We finally settled on a place owned by Betty Scott. Because we had no choice. We had heard there was mold in the basement! We inspected the basement and it was a damp basement no mold that they promised to clean up!  So we proceeded to make plans! Buying furniture. Met a wonderful family (Bruce and Melissa Reno) we bought a table an chairs from!
July 2nd. Elder Law went home and we have Elder Haslem. Both our Elders are over 6'4"
Our move day was July 15. On July 12 th while helping clean it up we found a serious "black mold" problem! All the next day I was sick! We worried about what to do! I had talked to Lois and told her that it looked like we would have to live above her. We laughed but we were unsure where to go! We were all upset,discouraged and worried. None of us needed this at all! Bob finally told Lois to ask Mike
If there was a solution that we could come up with that we could stay in the house through our mission! We were praying his heart would be softened! Lois talked with Mike! We waited all day! We searched for places to live while we waited!
In the evening Lois came over and said that Mike had agreed that we could stay upon certain terms!
We are so thrilled! You have to understand that our little House is the " Creme de la Cream " of missionary housing! I do not for one second take it for granted!
So we are not moving! I am doing a Happy Dance!!