Wednesday, July 24, 2013

We are in shock!

After getting things all arranged and the lease signed to stay here in Tompkinsville! We hadn't really stopped our happy dance! The new Mission President who I haven't met yet called and asked to speak with us!  We called back on the speaker phone and he asked us to transfer to Nashville! I wanted to say wow....wait a minute we just got things settled here so we could get back to work!   We had so many things on our list to do still. The live nativity scene and old time Carolers working with the other churches to make it a community success! Also wanted to get Carols house repaired. We were making progress with the Lafayette FHE group. We have new families that have moved into our ward. We wanted to welcome them and help them get settled. We had the Watermelon Festival in a month and the questionnaire. We hoped to start a FHE group in Burkesville by Christmas. So many other communities projects to help spruce up the town! 
We are unsure of our new assignment only that we will be in Nashville. We will find out more on Monday. 
We are very sad to leave! We have made some great friends in our short time! Tompkinsville will always have a special place in our hearts! 
I will miss my Lois and so many others! 

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