Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Elder Oaks,Elder Maines,Area Seventy Hymus? President and Sister McKee

To start off what a great sight to see a chapel and gym full of missionaries all striving on their own level to be the very best that they can be. We were all able to shake hands with the men and give hugs to Sister McKee. This was the first time she had been out since her strokes 80 days ago. What a miracle that she is standing let alone walking. Her eyes still have not gotten in sync and cannot focus yet. This causes dizziness and falls so President hold on to her and is very protective. Sister McKee also gave her testimony and later on with a patch over one eye played the piano accompanying her daughters. They sang beautifully.
Elder Oaks spoke to us of breaking the habit of saying Sister you go here and Priesthood you go there. The Priesthood doesn't go anywhere he said it is the Brethren and we need to get it straight. He told us the story of going fishing with his grandchildren for 4 hours every time they came to visit and Sister Oaks always asking him "well did you catch anything?" No he would answer after putting all the worms on,getting their lines out of the rocks and then out of the trees I didn't get to even put my line in the water. Elder Oakes took a lesson from that for missionary work . Keep yourself worthy of the Holy Ghost and keep your line open. Elder Maines told of seeing a pair of missionaries at a gas station and he wanted to see if they had their lines in the water so he smiled and said good morning. the Elder said good morning but then went on pumping gas. A few moments went by and Elder Maines tried to engage the Elder again and said something like it sure is a beautiful day do you have big plans? The Elder again gave a very short answer finished his gas pumping and said goodbye. His line was not in the water. So yes you guessed it our new mission motto is ? DO YOU HAVE YOUR LINE IN THE WATER?
This is all for now. It has been a long day and we head to district meeting in Cookesville early tomorrow.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

The 7th Week

Last night we taught our first lesson to a new member. One of the things the Church has included in the Preach My Gospel series is a requirement for the newly baptized convert to receive a review series of each of the lessons the were taught. We agreed with the missionaries that taught the convert, Beverly Farley, that we would teach the review lessons. I thought it would be a good way for us to ease into teaching. It was more difficult than I thought it would be.

Our memories are not quite what they used to be, so memorizing the lessons is not in our skill set, so I went through the lesson and prepared a power point that we used. It was helpful, but it still did not flow the way I would like to see it flow and it will take some time for that to happen. If the Spirit was there, it wasn't because of anything I did or said. It will take some time for me to get closer to the Spirit to really teach these lessons the way they need to be taught.

Tonight we are working on the next lesson for next week and I am sure it will go better. We are immersing ourselves in the lessons and scriptures and I can feel it. This feeling begins to consume you and everything you do is directed by this overwhelming spiritual feeling.

Today is our 4th anniversary and it is really nice to be together. We do everything together and it is wonderful. Sometimes, like this afternoon we just sat with each other for over 2 hours and didn't say a word. We just hung out together. It is a nice feeling.

Tomorrow we are driving to Lebanon Tennessee to take part in a special meeting with Apostle Oaks of the Quorum of the 12. He is coming for a special meeting and we have to be their at 8:15. The entire mission will be their. It should be a very special time. I will waite to see what he wants to share with us.

We are d oing well. Continue to exercise almost every morning at the Wellness Center. I can't swim as well as I used to. My legs don't want to work in harmony with my arms, I love my rythum and end up flailing around after a while. Don't know why unless the twisting of my body is affecting the nerves in my legs preventing my from controlling them properly.

Well, I will talk to you a little later after the meeting with Elder Oaks.

God can and will use anyone to move his work!

I have been asked to play piano for the sisters at church. While my neighbor gave me courage by saying to me "you beat nuttin". We had a good laugh but I still practice and then pray they will only hear the good notes. Well, I just found the best. I believe I will use it in my homecoming talk.

In 2 Corinthians 12:9
My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.

The following list proves to me that God first like a challenge and second has a sence of humor.

Jacob was a CHEATER.
Peter had a TEMPER
David had an AFFAIR.
Noah got DRUNK.
Jonah RAN from God.
Paul was a MURDERER.
Gideon was INSECURE.
Miriam was a GOSSIP.
Martha was a WORRIER.
Thomas was a DOUBTER.
Elijah was moody.
Zaccheus was SHORT.
Abraham was OLD.
Lazarus was DEAD.

Hope you enjoyed that. I know it gave me hope.:)

Cold calls gotta love them

Now I remember where I learned to hate the telephone. I have been lied too,swore at and greeted with pure joy. Such a roller coaster of emotions when you are calling people cold. I can say it is as bad as tracking. I did get one great conversation and we will get to see Gracie next week.
I knew it would be like this but for some reason when you are filling out those mission papers you place the dark and depressing part of missionary work way deep right beside giving birth. This way it doesn't affect how you feel about going on your mission or your child.
Today it has been 4 years since Bob and I got married. What a very blessed couple we are. We love each other, have great children who have proven or in the process of becoming great self reliant adults. We love them dearly. We also have beautiful grandchildren and love them all and pray for all of them.
We are grateful for this opportunity to love these people here in Tompkinsville.
Beverly Farley was just recently baptized. Last night we gave her the first review lesson. Can I just say I love those spirits just newly baptized with their dear and honest testimonies. Beverly is a beautiful woman of 30 but looks about 20. She has such a desire to follow Christ. Like she said I was headed down a terrible road of self destruction I knew I had to change my life. I did this for me she cries.
Tomorrow we head to Lebanon to hear Elder Oakes speak to us. I hope I get to talk to him. I know crazy huh.

Friday, February 15, 2013

Zone Conference in Murfreesboro, Tennessee

We were spiritually fed. The theme was the atonement.
The Aps and Zone Leaders did a great job in teaching.
It was wonderful to hear that Sister McKee was able to not only come home but is making great progress. President McKee stated that she walks like a drunk and I could not help but smile as I use to say that about my mother after have gone paralyzed from the waist down. The Doctors said she would never walk again. Miracles never cease to happen.
Elder Donaldson and I drove down the night before. Can I just say I love my companion. it really is too bad that every newlywed cannot afford to go on a mission together. This is just terrific.

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Week 6

We continue to spread our wings and learn more about the community and the people. There is and old Baptist Church here called The Old Mulkey named after the founder of this branch John Mulkey. It was built in 1809. There is a cemetery north of the building with a number of old headstones from the early 1800's including the sister of Daniel Boone. Many others are veterans of the Revolutionary war. The church building is built in the form of a cross. It is constructed out of veery large logs with large amounts of cement type grout between the logs. the roof overhand is open to the inside so it must have been very cold inside. There are a couple of theories about how they kept it warm on the inside.

We met Sheila Rush the Park Ranger and talked with her about service projects the ward could perform out there. She was receptive to the idea of using the church people as they had done things before.

We are also hot on the trail of getting some roadsigns made for the Family History Center so that people can find it more easily. We want to use it as a major draw for the missionary program. We are getting great support from ward members and the ward leadership.

It is midnight here in Kentucky and time to say good night,,,,,,,,

Ok it worked

So it has been over 10 days since this blog would let me post. Why tonight who knows?
Last week we were able to have an inactive couple join us for church as well as dinner afterwards. Most exciting is that they came this week as well and has fallen right into the groove of active membership. They really want and need a Branch in Lafayette area. There is a lack of work here and a 30 mile ride to church is a real struggle when most can't afford food or rent let alone extra gas.
I have written 5 talks for sacrament meeting on the 17th when Bob and I will be speaking. I believe I have finally gotten the one completed that I am going to use.
We have had some great discussions with members of the community. I am sure Bob will expand on them. While in Cookeville on Wednesday for Zone Conference we saw the funniest site. We were at a street light about 3 cars back when coming through the intersection came a John Deere tractor ( nothing odd there) but the man riding the tractor had on the old coveralls and right in the middle of the light his phone must have rung because he put it up to his ear. It just seemed odd to me. As I remember running down the to the bottom 40 to finally get my dad to come in for lunch or dinner or because he had an important phone call waiting him.

I have a great picture of our living quarters I want to publish so look for it.

Are you letting me post?

I am not sure this will publish. Like everything else this week this blog has been a test. So here goes.