Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Elder Oaks,Elder Maines,Area Seventy Hymus? President and Sister McKee

To start off what a great sight to see a chapel and gym full of missionaries all striving on their own level to be the very best that they can be. We were all able to shake hands with the men and give hugs to Sister McKee. This was the first time she had been out since her strokes 80 days ago. What a miracle that she is standing let alone walking. Her eyes still have not gotten in sync and cannot focus yet. This causes dizziness and falls so President hold on to her and is very protective. Sister McKee also gave her testimony and later on with a patch over one eye played the piano accompanying her daughters. They sang beautifully.
Elder Oaks spoke to us of breaking the habit of saying Sister you go here and Priesthood you go there. The Priesthood doesn't go anywhere he said it is the Brethren and we need to get it straight. He told us the story of going fishing with his grandchildren for 4 hours every time they came to visit and Sister Oaks always asking him "well did you catch anything?" No he would answer after putting all the worms on,getting their lines out of the rocks and then out of the trees I didn't get to even put my line in the water. Elder Oakes took a lesson from that for missionary work . Keep yourself worthy of the Holy Ghost and keep your line open. Elder Maines told of seeing a pair of missionaries at a gas station and he wanted to see if they had their lines in the water so he smiled and said good morning. the Elder said good morning but then went on pumping gas. A few moments went by and Elder Maines tried to engage the Elder again and said something like it sure is a beautiful day do you have big plans? The Elder again gave a very short answer finished his gas pumping and said goodbye. His line was not in the water. So yes you guessed it our new mission motto is ? DO YOU HAVE YOUR LINE IN THE WATER?
This is all for now. It has been a long day and we head to district meeting in Cookesville early tomorrow.

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