Sunday, February 10, 2013

Ok it worked

So it has been over 10 days since this blog would let me post. Why tonight who knows?
Last week we were able to have an inactive couple join us for church as well as dinner afterwards. Most exciting is that they came this week as well and has fallen right into the groove of active membership. They really want and need a Branch in Lafayette area. There is a lack of work here and a 30 mile ride to church is a real struggle when most can't afford food or rent let alone extra gas.
I have written 5 talks for sacrament meeting on the 17th when Bob and I will be speaking. I believe I have finally gotten the one completed that I am going to use.
We have had some great discussions with members of the community. I am sure Bob will expand on them. While in Cookeville on Wednesday for Zone Conference we saw the funniest site. We were at a street light about 3 cars back when coming through the intersection came a John Deere tractor ( nothing odd there) but the man riding the tractor had on the old coveralls and right in the middle of the light his phone must have rung because he put it up to his ear. It just seemed odd to me. As I remember running down the to the bottom 40 to finally get my dad to come in for lunch or dinner or because he had an important phone call waiting him.

I have a great picture of our living quarters I want to publish so look for it.

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