Sunday, February 10, 2013

Week 6

We continue to spread our wings and learn more about the community and the people. There is and old Baptist Church here called The Old Mulkey named after the founder of this branch John Mulkey. It was built in 1809. There is a cemetery north of the building with a number of old headstones from the early 1800's including the sister of Daniel Boone. Many others are veterans of the Revolutionary war. The church building is built in the form of a cross. It is constructed out of veery large logs with large amounts of cement type grout between the logs. the roof overhand is open to the inside so it must have been very cold inside. There are a couple of theories about how they kept it warm on the inside.

We met Sheila Rush the Park Ranger and talked with her about service projects the ward could perform out there. She was receptive to the idea of using the church people as they had done things before.

We are also hot on the trail of getting some roadsigns made for the Family History Center so that people can find it more easily. We want to use it as a major draw for the missionary program. We are getting great support from ward members and the ward leadership.

It is midnight here in Kentucky and time to say good night,,,,,,,,

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