Thursday, February 21, 2013

Cold calls gotta love them

Now I remember where I learned to hate the telephone. I have been lied too,swore at and greeted with pure joy. Such a roller coaster of emotions when you are calling people cold. I can say it is as bad as tracking. I did get one great conversation and we will get to see Gracie next week.
I knew it would be like this but for some reason when you are filling out those mission papers you place the dark and depressing part of missionary work way deep right beside giving birth. This way it doesn't affect how you feel about going on your mission or your child.
Today it has been 4 years since Bob and I got married. What a very blessed couple we are. We love each other, have great children who have proven or in the process of becoming great self reliant adults. We love them dearly. We also have beautiful grandchildren and love them all and pray for all of them.
We are grateful for this opportunity to love these people here in Tompkinsville.
Beverly Farley was just recently baptized. Last night we gave her the first review lesson. Can I just say I love those spirits just newly baptized with their dear and honest testimonies. Beverly is a beautiful woman of 30 but looks about 20. She has such a desire to follow Christ. Like she said I was headed down a terrible road of self destruction I knew I had to change my life. I did this for me she cries.
Tomorrow we head to Lebanon to hear Elder Oakes speak to us. I hope I get to talk to him. I know crazy huh.

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