Tuesday, October 1, 2013

A tender moment

We have been working vigorously to get the employment center organized and up an running well! Soon the men will go "hunting" for great Companies for our clients to begin a 1st,2nd,or maybe 3rd career. I am learning much from the interview process and what my talented husband can pull out of the clients. He has such an ability to ask the right question to get to the persons inner core. Whether it be their greatest desire,fear or reality. They finally search to the very bottom of the bucket to get to the truth of what is holding them back. I know why he said his work was like going to church everyday!
We have met with those ill prepared to provide for themselves or their families. No education and only one skill which is threatened by health issues. Another is education poor with no focus. One wants to re- direct her career but is afraid to make the dollar sacrifice it requires to fulfill her dream. One resume was filled with TMI and we laughed so hard til we cried in the office. We meet the client this week. To say the least one of us ladies will be covering her and her history. I may have to sit on a tack to keep a straight face. We have had some tears of joy and sadness. Some come to Jesus meetings where the rubber hits the road. We and the Johns get along great!  The office needs tweaked and we need 2 more computers to be full functioning! The work is here and our goal is to provide training to leaders,youth and missionaries. 
Now for today tender moment. We had a young woman come to the church today, her name Jenna Matthews her husband Ryan. She said she had been praying and told the. Lord that she would come inside if their were cars. She knocked Elder Donaldson let her in and asked to come in and talk to his wife in the office after she had given him a quick synopsis of her story. I asked her to have a seat and asked her how we could help her. She preceded to tell me she had been wanting to return to church. In her mid- twenties she had read some literature that said the church believed such and such and knew if they did the church wasn't true. So in her mid- twenties she wrote to have her name removed from the records of the church. She has been fasting,praying and reading exercising faith that The Lord would soften her husbands heart towards the church. Today, she asked to have the missionaries. She is a bit nervous because her husband doesn't like change or surprise. I suggested that she leave hints around like her scriptures on the sofa table opened to a verse. Subscribe to the ensign. Watch conference this weekend. Invite the missionaries for dinner. We talked for over an hour,shared a beautiful prayer that touched her and exchanged information. She left with tears in her eyes and a hug of warmth.

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