Sunday, May 5, 2013

When your weary feeling low.

My dear sweet companion has been sick for over a week now. I think he pushed himself to hard with all the things we have been involved with. He is feeling better and it has moved out of his chest. He is just not energized. Don't worry I am keeping things slow and simple until he shows signs of his usual energized self. He has been working on a presentation for District Meeting.
That has given me time to find a few grants for the city of Tompkinsvile to see if we can't help the town get on its feet.
I have a plan for a cell center which would encompass to begin with 100 new jobs and hope it could increase up to 400 jobs. The pay is from 9-20 an hour. Most people work from home but around here there Internet is so slow and unreliable that they can't work at home. So carol had this idea of a Cell center. I have been working on a plan along with finding grants to help this along. We will see how far it will go.
Haven't been àble to sleep it is 4:20 am raining outside and I am wide awake. I hate it..
Good news on Lafayette...we just got the go ahead to proceed in setting up a Family Home Evening. We will do this in stages until we get 20-30 in attendance and then we will hold a sacrament meeting until we get 30-50 then we make a branch and start the proceedings on a building. They have had amazing results in Winchester,Tn. We are hopeful for Lafayette. One things that makes this so difficult is that we live an hour away from it. We are hoping for missionaries and a couple to be placed in Lafayette. It would be such a blessing.
We also have found out we may have to move from our little cottage. This saddens us very much. We are trying to find out from the housing. We heard this from our district leader. So we will check it out to see what we can do.

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