Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Flowers or snowflakes?Spring or Winter?

It seems like Mother Nature is confused as the rest of the world as we are approaching the end of March and it is still snowing. Elder Donaldson and I thought we were serving in a southern mission that would be warm. I didn't bring a winter coat but I have learned to layer well when preparing to go outside.

Why do we make life so hard on ourselves? Just a little more than a month ago a woman in mid thirties was taught and baptized into the gospel. She has had a very difficult life and it was awesome to watch her grow in the gospel as well as her personal life getting it on track. Two weeks ago I noticed something that gave me a red flag and I mentioned it to the Elders. As Bob and I taught her the new member lessons...we realized that she didn't really comprehend the restoration and what it meant. We met with her the second time and still she didn't seem ready to move on so we went through the restoration video and then had. A nice discussion asking her questions and making sure she "Got it". The next time she didn't call and I finally got a hold of her. We re-scheduled. I ran into her brother at Walmart and he said she moved down to Cookeville where her X and baby girl live. She share custody with her X. I called her talked to her and asked her what was the happiest moments in her life she said her baptism. I asked how she could let that feeling go so easily Yes,I understand she wants to be this eternal family but she isn't ready. I feel like I am hitting my head up against the wall and letting her down at the same time. It is so frustrating. Anyway, we are still working with her but only by text.
Another couple in the ward was preparing to go through the Temple when we first got here. I remember her husband told me how much he loved this woman. Now 2 weeks after we got here they are getting a divorce. Today, I have spent most my time talking to the sister who finally checked herself into a hospital because of depression or to the Louisville Mission to get missionaries over to the hospital. During this 4 weeks she has also lost her job,and will probably lose her house plus her 1st x husband is taking her back to court to try and get her boys away. This is her 3rd marriage I believe.
Oh this week in Walmart I met the Lady who unsure of how many years ago was told never to come back to the was a mistake come to find out they wanted her cousin. However, she told me she was becoming Catholic. She is still angry. All I can say is embrace Abigail and forgive already. She said I looked normal. I laughed.
We have had some great experiences with the towns folk. Old Mulkey service project was a success. Still have work to do but have a great start.
This is all for now. Good night

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