Tuesday, January 15, 2013

District Meeting in Cookeville

The big Barn Owl sitting on the tall broken Birch tree was worth the nauseating ride of twists and turns over hill and down as we followed the GPS from Tompkinsville to Cookeville through  SR163. It was cold and raining. Dark for daytime as the clouds hung low touching the treetops but we persevered. The trees were barren as it is winter and a dry sphagnum Moss like vine hung from their tops to the ground giving off an eery feeling as we drove. Elder Donaldson felt the strain in his arms as he drove the winding road with dips and hills and sharp curves. We drove for one hour and thirty minutes.

We had allowed us plenty of time to arrive at the Church building on time. Arriving with 20 minutes to spare we stopped to buy me crackers to alleviate the nauseating headache. We were late and our GPS wouldn't give us the final destination..".House Number not Valid"! Just as if on que our phone rang, "Elder Johnson our DL (district leader) called to check on us and he gave us further instruction. Elder Donaldson as always got us to the church immediately.
We were spiritually fed as we listened to these fine young missionaries teach us how to teach.
The most important part I came away with is to listen to understand.Prayer, commit.
 After our meeting we took a group pictures because Elder Ferrie is leaving in a week to go home.
We then went to lunch with Elder and Sister Wrigley. We got to know them better.
We needed to find us a bed so off we went in search of a bed. We were successful at Sears. Shopping isn't a huge thing in Cookeville and null and void in Tompkinsville.:) Everyone is so helpful and kind.
We even got directions for a much better drive home. We will be making a map and directions binder for us. The time was one hour. It was so much safer especially with the road less winding around and sharp ups and downs. We had to stop and visit our local Walmart for a few supples that we had forgotten the day before. It is still cold and wet.
Bishop Scott  had hoped to meet tonight. We will meet him tomorrow night...
I am folling to sleep whitle writing this and my dear sweet husband is in reading waiting for me. So goodnight to our friends and family.

Tomorrow we play,ironing,making  lists,goals and preparing. Serving the Lord is Awesome...Oh I forgot the best part we have several events on saturday....."5 Baptisms" and a birthday party for an 81 year  old member. The field is ripe already to Harvest.
Love each of you dearly.
Vickie and Bob

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