Sunday, January 13, 2013

Our Assignment & Challenge

We met with the Mission President for lunch on Saturday the 12th along with one of his daughters and the two AP missionaries at O'Charley's restaurant. It was very nice and we learned a lot about the mission and the mission president and his family, particularly his wife who is recovering from some serious health issues.

After lunch we went back to the President's office, sat down, and talked about our assignments. We expressed our interests to him and how we felt our skills could be best used. After some discussion he shared with us his interest in us working in an area in southern Kentucky in a small city named Tomkinsville. There is a Ward there and we will be responsible for working with less-than active and totally inactive members of the Church. Both Vickie and I are looking forward to meeting the members and the leaders of the Ward. We also feel a little trepidation.  The president talked to us about the difference in the culture and cautioned us to be sensitive to the expectations of the people in this part of the world.

We are planning to meet with the Bishop and other leaders to learn from them on how we can be of the greatest help. We have already provided the missionaries with two referrals we picked up talking to the servers in two restaurants that we ate at.

Tomorrow we travel to our mission area and we begin the work....  

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