Sunday, January 6, 2013

MTC experience!!!!!WOW

We have had quite the experience at the MTC...First off it was sooooo cold in Provo. Bob and I both had red coats among everyone else's Black,brown or blue coats....I thought we were told to dress brighter. I did receive a lot of compliments on my red cape.
Our teachers Sister Cluff and Brother Porter did not hesitate to jump into Preach My Gospel. President Petersen was full of life as he energized us with his energetic presentations. We had teaching exercises twice a day where we would prepare our lessons. What a great opportunity to teach with my dear sweet husband. Bob is so great at this. He had his doubts but on the 2nd day he knew he had this and that we could do whatever the Lord asks of us. I truly appreciate Bobs faith and willingness to be outside our comfort zone.
During our 1 week stay at the MTC can I just say the servers and organizers of the meals and facilities do an AWESOME job. There was a breakout of stomach flu (the 48 hour severe kind). Within a few hours of the first victim we were quarantined from the younger Elders and Sisters where the illness was. By the end of the week it was all contained. It was so great to partake of the spirit at the MTC. 3000 young missionaries were there with 103 Senior missionaries checking in when we did Dec. 31st. The largest group of Senior missionaries so far at one time. The MTC expects the number to more than double by April. I don't know where they will put them. Pres. Petersen said they were looking for 300 spanish teachers for the MTC.

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