Monday, January 7, 2013

On the road again

 After making sure that Vickie was comfortable and warm recovering from what appears to be the start of a cold, we headed off from Grants NM to Weatherford OK., our next stop.  For those unfamiliat with the history and geography of our country Interstate 40 parallels the old Route 66 made famous in the 50's by the song Route 66.  It was a hit song made famous by Nat King Cole and is still heard today.

I first drove on Route 66 in 1954 from Los Angeles to Tucumcari, NM in the late spring. I was on my way to Ft.Riley Kansas after graduating from OCS.  It was the only time I have driven on that road since 1954. I was a newly minted 2nd Lt and ready to conquer the world. We stopped in Tucomcari today for lunch in a restaurant started in 1953. The restaurant changed hands about 15 years ago.

The town seems dead. ot much action around the town.  There is a paper mill close by along with a mine of some type but not much else. Ranchers and some farmers are still around, but other thqn thqt there is not much  to offer,

After we finished lunch we headed off to Weatherford. We arrived here about 7:30pm.  There ae little pieces of the highway left and you can drive on them between offramps. It ia interesting that the speed limit is 55 NPH wu9le on the freeway right next to the old roadbedm the speed li,it is 75 MPH.

Enough for today....

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